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QR Code Merchant Payment Service

In an effort to encourage cashless banking and payment on digital platform, we have introduced QR Code Merchant Payment Service. QR Code also know as Quick Response Code is a multi-purpose payment medium through which a merchant can receive payment from customer for the sale of goods and services. QR Code payment is a digital payment medium where transaction is made by scanning a QR Code present at the Merchant/ Seller via your Mobile banking app on your Smart phone.

Requirement to take up this service:

  1. Current account with the Bank.
  2. PAN, company registration and citizenship copy documents.
  3. Filled up Merchant Application form

Benefits to a Merchant/ Seller:

  1. Simple and extremely reliable solution
  2. Payment on Real time basis
  3. Transaction alert on every transaction
  4. Hassle free setup
  5. Direct deposit to bank account
  6. Cashless payment solution

Please follow the below link to download the QR Code Merchant Application Form.

Link:- https://www.bok.com.np/uploads/downloads/qrcode.pdf

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