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As a Cashless system of making payment, Bank of Kathmandu offers an alternative to the traditional systems, a payment via QR Code scanning through Mobile Banking.

About QR Code 

QR code (Quick Response) is a black and white dotted digital image that holds certain information on it and only smart phone's camera can scan the details. Bank of Kathmandu has introduced QR payment technology through a Mobile banking channel (BOK Smart). In this technology, simply customer makes payment through mobile by scanning QR code at the merchant.


QR Code Payment option is available in BOK Smart -Mobile banking apps and is accepted by more than 25k merchant outlets in Nepal.

Step 1: -Customer open a BOK Smart app. 
Step 2:- Without login into the application, customer scroll on the right side of the landing page.
Step 3:- The “Scan to Pay on Merchant outlets” screen appears which is used to scan the QR code displayed on the merchant side. 

Step 1: Customer needs to click on the "Scan 2 Pay" option which leads to the "Scan to Pay on Merchant Outlets" screen.
Step 2: The QR Code which customer scans comes in 2 ways

  • Either through the physical QR code standee that is placed in the merchant side.
  • Through Merchant Mobile apps which merchant generates QR code in their mobile.
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