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BOK Recurring Deposit Account


BOK Reverse Recurring

BOK Reverse Recurring Deposit Account, allows…

BOK Bidhyarthi Bachat Khata

Designed for young students to take care of their…

BOK Bachat Khata

Designed for Individual seeking for better interest on their…

BOK Super Salary

BOK Premium Salary

Savings account designed for the working individuals with exclusive…

BOK Sahaj Bachat Khata

Enjoy attractive return, variety of benefits and banking services…

BOK Nagarik Bachat Khata

BOK Laganikarta Khata

Designed  for individuals involved/interested in share investment.

BOK Griha Laxmi Savings

Designed for women to assist their financial independence and…

Sajilo Bachat Khata

Designed for individuals with KYC compliant identification

Sambridha Jeevan Banking Sewa /Jestha Nagarik Lagani Yojana

Designed for individuals of 50 years of age and…

Ujjwal Tara Bachat Yojana

Savings account for your children can be a great…

BOK Smart Savings Account

Designed for customers who wish to open savings account…

BOK Remit Savings Account

Designed to promote remittances sent by Nepalese working abroad…

BOK Premium Plus Saving Account

Designed for the people who wish to earn higher…

Credit Facility against Cash Near Cash Securities

Loan against Share

Small Private Vehicle

Education Loans

Personal Loans

Fund Based Facility against LCY Fixed Deposit of BOK

BOK Financing against Gold / Ornaments

Residential Real Estate Loan

Large Private Vehicle

Wholesale Loan

Agriculture and Forest Based Product Loan

Ghar Angan Banking Sewa

Private Vehicle Loans

Commercial Vehicle Loan

BOK Electric Vehicle

Housing Loan

Interest Subsidized Loans

BOK Muddati Khata

Safety, Flexibility and High return

BOK Remit Fixed Deposit Account

BOK Super Fixed Deposit Account

Gain Highest Yield on your Deposits through BOK SUPER…

Visa Credit Card

3D Secure E-commerce service

Visa International Prepaid Debit Card

BOK VISA Domestic Debit Card

Safe Deposit Locker

Online payment

Interbank payment system (NCHL-IPS)

Thai Visa Issue Fee

IME pay


Credit Card EMI Loan Facility is introduced with an…

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