फोरेक्स दरहरु

मुद्रा कोड एकाइ 50 डेनो भन्दा तल नगद नगद (50 डेनो र माथि) र गैर नगद Selling
US Dollar USD 1 117.31 117.9 118.5
Euro EUR 1 138.43 139.13 140.52
British Pound GBP 1 161.35 162.16 163.78
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समाचार र सूचनाहरु सबै हेर्नुहोस्

परीकल्पना र रणनिती

To be the most preferred and trusted financial institution to all our stakeholders.
  • To maximize shareholder and asset value by fostering long term mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders.
  • To deliver highest quality banking services to all our valued customers.
  • To evolve as the Bank with its core values deeply rooted on Transparency and Accountability.

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