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Welcome to the official website of Bank of Kathmandu Limited.

Bank of Kathmandu was reborn through a successful merger between erstwhile Bank of Kathmandu and Lumbini Bank Limited, both Class “A” Commercial Banks.

This merger has culminated in the synergy that has fortified the four major pillars of the Bank i.e. Capital, Assets, Deposit & Customer Base. Serving over half a million customers, now we stand to deliver highest levels of customer service through a multitude of products & services from a wide network of 90 Branches, 80 ATMs & 10 Extension Counters touch points.

At BOK, we aim at maximizing shareholder and asset value by fostering long term mutually beneficial relationships with various stakeholders that includes customers, employees and the wider community that we operate in.

Bank of Kathmandu has evolved itself into a Bank with its core values deeply rooted on Transparency, Accountability and Service Excellence. We take pride in becoming an institution that delivers highest quality banking services to all segments of the society thus touching and supporting the lives of our customers at every stage.

As we embark on a journey to becoming a Bank for our customers, we remain highly committed in enhancing the overall customer service experience through multi-channel products & services integration.


Shrawan Lal Maskay

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