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QR Code Payment option is available in BOK Smart -Mobile banking apps and is accepted by more than 25k merchant outlets in Nepal.

Step 1: -Customer open a BOK Smart app. 
Step 2:- Without login into the application, customer scroll on the right side of the landing page.
Step 3:- The “Scan to Pay on Merchant outlets” screen appears which is used to scan the QR code displayed on the merchant side. 

Step 1: Customer needs to click on the "Scan 2 Pay" option which leads to the "Scan to Pay on Merchant Outlets" screen.
Step 2: The QR Code which customer scans comes in 2 ways
               -  Either through the physical QR code standee that is placed in the merchant side. 
               -  Through Merchant Mobile apps which merchant generates QR code in their mobile.  

Funds Transfer within country: Transfer money from your corporate account to any beneficiary’s account nationwide.
Payroll Administration: Pay staff salaries electronically.
Accounts Activities Monitoring/Reporting: View transaction logs, daily activities, download transactions.
Multi-Bank Account Viewing/Reporting.
Real Time Viewing.
Direct Integration: Capable of complete integration with accounting systems for even less human input.
Advanced Document Management – Allows upload of all manner of documents such that they may be viewed at the click of a button.
Audit Trail: Complete monitoring of all activities on the platform.

You need to visit your respective branch to inform the same and unblock the password. For this, you also need to fill & submit the unblock request form to the branch.

If the customer not able to visit the branch, Customer can email an application (Handwritten application) with Name, Account Number, Mobile Number and Signature to tbso@bok.com.np

If you forget your password, it needs to be reset. You can reset the password by clicking “Forget Password” option and reset the password yourself from your convenience.

If customer not able to reset the password at your convenience, Customer can email an application with Name, Account Number, Mobile Number and Signature to tbso@bok.com.np

You can send the application with Name, Account Name, Mobile Number and Signature to tbso@bok.com.np and contact with the below mentioned digital help desk members mobile number for the support.

With the BOK Smart application, you can access and manage your BOK accounts to perform the following services.

  1. View your account balances and last 5 transaction statements.
  2. View your credit card information
  3. Transfer funds between your applicable BOK accounts.
  4. Transfer funds to another bank account associated with fonepay networks.
  5. Pay bills to utilities like Postpaid, NTC Landline, and Credit Cards. Direct Top-up to NTC Prepaid, Postpaid, ADSL, Ncell Prepaid, Ncell Postpaid, Dishome and Simtv accounts, Recharge Vouchers for NTC prepaid, NTC CDMA, Broadlink, Smart Cell and Dishome.
  6. Locate ATMs and branches with its route navigation.
  7. Get instant notifications from debit or credit on account activities.
  8. Statement request between applicable dates

*(Data charges from your mobile service provider may apply. BOK is not responsible for these charges. In the case of SMS, your request will cost the minimum charges set by the Telecom itself).

BOK Smart Download Link:- onelink.to/a65xe5

Yes, you will need an account to enjoy this service by simply downloading the app or click https://boksmart.bok.com.np/ then select “eService” to open an account.

Yes, we advise customers to visit their app store to update the app or turn on automatic update from your app store setting in your mobile device.

The new app works on phone operating on OIS and Android version X.x and above.

After update/download, simply register with your account details any of the enrollment options.

This is your 4 digit transaction authorization PIN. You are required to create this PIN during registration process.

You are required to create your Passcode during the registration process. Please note that the numbers on the dial pad will be scrambled for subsequent log-in.

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “Forget Password” option on the login page and follow the prompts.

On the Homepage, you can view all your accounts by simply swiping through the displayed accounts until you see the “View All Accounts” tile.

On the Homepage, you can choose to hide or show one or more of your accounts by simply clicking on the Settings icon on the “Total Balance” dashboard and click on the toggle button to hide/show your Account of choice.


Select the “View All Accounts” tile, then click on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the page and click on the toggle button to hide/show your Account of choice.

On the Homepage, simply swipe downwards on your screen to refresh the app.

YouTube Link:- https://youtu.be/TJMeXPlYh2c




  • Loan application to be completed by the applicant in the prescribed format.
  • Map of the applicants’ residence / firm or company site
  • Photograph and copy of citizenship of the proprietor / partners / directors / guarantor/s / key person (where applicable)
  • Renewed Firm/Company registration certificate.
  • License to conduct the business, where applicable
  • PAN and latest tax paid receipt.
  • Copy of MOA and AOA and board minute permitting bank borrowing in case of Private Limited.
  • Title Deed, four boundary certificate, trace map, revenue receipt of land or land and building offered as collateral. In case of loan for construction of building or loan against building as a security within Municipality, documents certifying fulfillment of required standards set by the competent authority such as Naksapass, approval from concerned authorities, building construction completion certificate should be obtained.
  • Historical/ projected financial statements as applicable. Selfdeclared financial statement in case of proprietorship / partnership firm and Audited Financial Statement in case of Private Limited Company.
  • In case of working capital financing, latest sales turnover statement (> 12 months) or in case of new venture projected sales turnover statement (Minimum 1 year).
  • In case of fixed asset financing, estimated cost of the project, quotations, expert’s assessment of the project and projection up to the project span.
  • In case of loan against cash or near cash securities, FD receipt/ /Government Bond Certificate (as applicable).
  • Document/statement evidencing experience of the Owner, Guarantor or Key Person.
  • Documents/ statements indicating settlement of loan and certification of loan in Pass Category from existing Banks/ Financial Institutions, as applicable.
  • No Objection Letter from Banks/ Financial Institutions, as applicable.
  • Borrower’s details and borrower’s declaration.
  • Net worth Statement of applicant’s and guarantors.
  • Other documents as decided by the management from time to time.

International Visa Debit Card is available for foreign countries other than India/Bhutan.

The limit for the use of ATM debit card in India is INR 15,000 per day. However, via POS, it can be used up to equivalent NPR 200,000 per day and equivalent NPR 100,000 per transaction.

Fill up and submit BOK Debit Card Application Form to the Customer Service Desk of any branch of the bank at your convenience. You may download the BOK Debit Card Application Form from our website or simply collect it from any branch of Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.

Minor by age limit are not eligible for the card. However, the operator of the minor’s account can apply for the card.

BOK Visa Debit Card is a convenient and secure alternative in offer for bank customers instead of cash. It is a plastic card that can be used in Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals connected to Visa Network. The card is operative by 4 digits PIN number also known as numeric Password.

  • Identification document of Account holder (Citizenship/Passport)
  • Two Recent Passport Size Photographs of Account holder
Proprietorship/ Partnership Firm
  • Completed Account Opening Form
  • Certificate of Registration/Incorporation
  • Income Tax Certificate (PAN Card)
  • Request letter/Minute
  • Partnership Deed (in case of partnership firm)
  • Evidence of Identification of Account Operator (Citizenship/Passport/Driving License/Voter’s ID)
  • Two Recent Passport Size Photographs of Account Operator(s)
  • Latest Audit report/ Tax clearance certificate (if applicable)
Limited Liability Company/Social Organization/School
  • Completed Account Opening Form
  • Board Minute to Open and Operate the Account
  • Certificate of Registration/Incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Charter / Biniyamawali/ Constitution
  • PAN
  • Evidence of Identification of Board members/ CEO/ chairperson /Authorized signatories (Citizenship/Passport)
  • One Recent Passport Size Photographs of Board members/ CEO/ chairperson /Authorized signatories
  • Latest Audit report/ Tax clearance certificate (if applicable)

It is the bank policy that customer must provide latest photo and citizenship copy in order to verify the actual account holder who come to bank for re-activation of the dormant account.

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