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About Organization

With two and a half decades of operations, Bank of Kathmandu Limited has always put in priority our commitment to delivering service excellence and creating long term mutually beneficial relationships with our valued customers. Serving more than half a million customers, we now stand to deliver highest levels of customer service through a multitude of product & services from a wide network of 103 branches, 97 ATMs and 10 Extension Counters.

We take pride in being the first Bank in the country to implement Value Chain Financing model under which we provided micro loans to the sugarcane framers in the far western region. Similarly, to help bring financial inclusion in the truest sense by providing financial access to the financially underserved population, the Bank opened various branches in various locations of Mid & Far- Western regions.

Today, the Bank has already taken significant strides in providing our valued customers a multi-channel service experience from a seamlessly integrated channel network that ranges from branch banking services to banking done through internet & mobile phones.

Our products & services are tailor-made to suit the requirement of all business segments i.e. from the big Corporates and Infrastructure projects to the SMEs, Retail & Development Credit. Similarly, our saving deposit products are designed to cater to the requirements of the specific customer segments and supplemented by an array of products & services such as Remittances, Cards, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking & other tech-based solutions.

As we embark on a journey to becoming the preferred Bank for our stakeholders, we remain highly committed in making our customers’ lives easier & enhance their overall service experience at every stage of their banking needs.


  • To be the most preferred and trusted financial institution to all our stakeholders.


  • To maximize shareholder and asset value by fostering long term mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders
  • To deliver highest quality banking services to all our valued customers

Our Core Values


"Customer First” attitude in beliefs and actions. 


To inculcate a sense of belongingness in all staff towards the Bank.

Cleanliness: to enhance general ambience of the work place to provide excellent customer service at all times and enhance the overall customer service experience.


Time management for optimum utilization of work time to produce desired output & productivity by prioritizing job responsibilities.

Mr. Shrawan L. Maskay

Chief Executive Officer

Message From Chief Executive Officer

The negative externalities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout Fiscal Year 2020-2021 warranted us to recalibrate our growth strategy. Thus, our primary focus during this FY was to maintain a strong balance sheet to ward off any negative shocks caused by the pandemic, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees and providing care for those impacted by the virus, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery for our customers, and continuing to focus on our objective of risk-calibrated growth in the core operating profit of the Bank.

Despite the headwinds caused by the pandemic that basically affected the overall economic growth and financial activities, I am pleased to report a satisfactory performance for the FY 2020-21.

The pandemic has also given us positives in the sense that despite all adversities, we managed to provide banking services to all our valued customers through our branches and digital channels. Our employees exhibited exemplary courage and dedication during this crisis and delivered critical services to the customers by opening branches. Similarly, use of digital channels also helped a great deal to meet all banking needs of our customers. Whilst delivering our services during the lockdown, we followed all safety and health protocols that kept our employees and customers safe at all times. Uninterrupted business continuity and a satisfactory financial performance has been a true reflection of our character as one of our main ethos as a Bank is to be highly resilient and provide sustainable banking solutions to our customers.

The pandemic has also taught us to shift our focus towards building a sound platform for digital banking solutions as we witnessed a surge in customer onboarding and payment related transactions through digital channels. This has also helped to improve the level of our overall services through process automation. Going forward, investments in digital payments and process automation solutions will be our topmost priority. Similarly, we will also take prudent steps to manage and mitigate new technological risks that will continue to evolve with the technology.

As we enter the new fiscal year with a robust balance sheet, deep customer relationships, a strong and trusted brand and well positioned businesses, the macroeconomic challenges and uncertainties posed by COVID-19 still remains. However, I am hopeful and confident that in the future we continue to work together to build a better Bank.

I want to thank the employees for their tremendous efforts, our valued customers for their unwavering trust and support and you, our shareholders, for your continued support.

Sincerely,Shrawan L. Maskay

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